Xypherian tutorial: Learn to use our crypto Telegram bot

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Xypherian: the favorite bot of the cryptocurrency Telegram community. Don’t get fooled by his funny appareance, this bad boy can do more than you can expect!

By default, all messages (commands from now on) you send to Xypherian must start with ‘/’

Here is a TL;DR of Xypherian's functions

Price checkingYesYes/p [Coin]
Detailed price checkingYesYes/x [Coin]
Basic candlestick chartsYesYes/c [Coin]
Technical analysisYesYes/ta [Coin]
CryptoPanic pluginYesYes/news [Coin]
CoinMarketCal pluginYesYes/events [Coin]
CoinCheckUP pluginYesYes/fa [Coin]
TradingView pluginYesYes/ideas [TradingViewTicker]
Bitfinex' Longs VS ShortsYesYes/lvs
CrossFire pluginYesYes/arb [Coin]
Multiframe candlestick charts- Yes /mc [Coin]
Market depth charts- Yes /d [Coin]
Orderbook analysis- Yes /book [Coin]
Order history analysis-Yes /a [Coin]
Biggest orders analysis- Yes /whales [Coin]
Volume change analysis - Yes /m [Coin]
Summaries - Yes /top [List]
Market Health - Yes /mh
Signals from Whale Sniper, CoinSniper, Wall Monitor - Yes -

Default settings and globals

By default, on most functions, Xypherian:
Checks the exchange with the highest volume if you don't specify one
Checks the BTC base market if you don't specify one

Exchanges supported: Bittrex and Binance


On commands with timeframes (/ta and /c), the following timeframes are accepted: 

5M = 5 Minutes
30M = 30 Minutes (default)
4H = 4 hours
1D = 1 day


Yes, emojis actually mean something here! Xypherian makes extensive use of emojis to make checking easier to follow on the eye. Most of the time, they mean the following:

Green emoji: bullish, positive trend or price
Red emoji: bearish, negative trend or price
White emoji: no change in trend or price
Now, lets begin explaining each function.

Price checking: /p

You can check the current price, volume and more current data with the command /p. You can add the paramenter full to retrieve even more data.

FunctionBasic usageAdvanced usage
/p/p [Coin]/p [Coin] full
Example/p BTC/p BTC full

You can always access a summary of this information with the command /pHelp

[Free] Detailed price checking: /x

I can retrieve full pricing data from any market pair on my supported exchanges using /x. All base markets are returned by default. This data includes:

B -> Bid: Highest price buyers are offering

A -> Ask: Lowest price sellers are offering

H -> High: Highest price the asset traded for in the last 24 hours

L -> Low: Lowest price the asset traded for in the last 24 hours

V -> Volume: Total volume traded in the last 24 hours, in the base currency.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/x [Coin]None
Example/x BTCNone

[Free] Candlestick Charts: /c

Xypherian can generate up to date candlestick charts with the command /c.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/c [Coin]/c [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]* [Timeframe]*
Example/c BTC/c USDT BTC Bittrex 5M

* = optional


if you don't provide a base market, the BTC pair will be checked
If you don't provide an exchange, the one with the highest volume will be checked
if you don't provide a timeframe, the 30 minutes timeframe will be checked
You can always access a summary of this information with the command /cHelp

[Free] Technical Analysis: /ta

Xypherian can perform technical analysis in any of the pairs actively trading on the supported exchanges. You can access this data by using /ta. This uses the same bases, exchanges and timeframes from the /c function.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/c [Coin]/c [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]* [Timeframe]*
Example/ta BTC/ta USDT BTC Bittrex 5M

*= optional

Newbie traders might get confused on what the information provided by this function means. You can get a deep overview of the indicators on the following links:

RSI – Stoch – MFI – CCI – WR – Aroon Osc – ADX – MACD – Parabolic SAR - SMA - EMA

[Free] CryptoPanic plugin: /news

Xypherian can provide news about lots of coins. This function is powered by a third party service called CryptoPanic.com. This function returns the top 3 most recent news. You can customize the quantity and category of the news. Example:

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/news [Coin]/news [Coin] [Amount]* [Category]*
Example/news BTC/news BTC 10 bull
Categories available
You can add a category at the end or before the coin. If you don't specify any Xypherian checks for any category
Accepted categories are
bull -> Bullish news
bear -> Bearish news
hot -> Hot news
trend -> Treding news

[Free] CoinMarketCal plugin: /events

Xypherian can provide the most important events coming in crypto. This function is powered by the best event provider in the crypto space: CoinMarketCal.com. This function returns the top 3 most important events for the mentioned coin. You can customize the quantity and category of the events. Example:

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/events [Coin]/events [Coin] [Amount]* [Category]*
Example/events BTC/events BTC 10 burns
Categories available
You can add a category at the end or before the coin. If you don't specify any Xypherian checks for any category
Accepted categories are
/events airdrops -> Retrieves the hottest airdrops
/events burns -> Retrieves the hottest coin burns
/events rebrands -> Retrieves the hottest rebrandings
/events partnerships -> Retrieves the hottest partnerships
/events exchanges -> Retrieves the hottest exchange listings
/events forks -> Retrieves the hottest forks/swaps
/events releases -> Retrieves the hottest releases

Note that you can send the commands without coin but with a category, like above. This will retrieve events based entirely in the category without filtering by coin.

[Free] CoinCheckUp plugin: /fa

Xypherian can provide a highly detailed fundamental analysis. This function is powered by the best fundamental data provider in the crypto space: CoinCheckUP.com. 

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/fa [Coin]-
Example/fa BTC-

[Free] TradingView ideas plugin: /ideas

Xypherian can retrieve the top ideas and signals from tradingview.com traders directly. This function is highly customizable and thus, a bit daunting to use.

First of all, tickers!

This function only accepts tickers in TradingView format, which is [Coin][Base], altogether. For example:
BTCUSD -> BTC on the USD markets
BTCUSDT -> BTC on the USDT markets
LTCUSD -> LTC on the USD markets
ETHBTC -> ETH on the BTC markets

If you send the ticker alone (like, just 'BTC') you won't get anything! This will likely be changed in the future.

Type of search:

You can search by symbol or user. Note that if you don't specify a type, I will search tickers directly
/ideas user charlieguadamuz (search for ideas from user charlieguadamuz)
/ideas symbol BTCUSD (search for ideas of BTCUSD). This is the default analysis: I will always analyze for symbols if you don't specify it.

Get pictures or links

By default, I will retrieve a list of the ideas in text format. You can opt to get direct images of the charts instead of written lists. Add -p anywhere in your command to retrieve the pictures. Min is 2, max is 10, default is 3
/ideas user charlieguadamuz -p -> search for ideas from user charlieguadamuz, retrieves 3 pictures.
/ideas BTCUSD -p -> retrieves 3 the latest 3 pictures of BTCUSDT charts


You can set the amount of charts to retrieve. Max for lists is 15, for pictures is 10. Min is 2.
/ideas user charlieguadamuz -p 2 -> search for ideas from user charlieguadamuz, retrieves 2 pictures.
/ideas BTCUSD -p 5 -> retrieves the latest 5 pictures of BTCUSDT charts

Filtering: pro traders

You can choose to get only Pro TradingView ideas by adding -pro to your command.
/ideas pattern bullflag -pro 4 -> search for bull flag patterns, retrieves 4 pictures from pro users
/ideas BTCUSD -p -pro 5 -> retrieves the latest 5 pictures of BTCUSDT charts from pro users

For lists: description

Adding -d to the end of your command will retrieve the description along with the list of links.
/ideas ETHBTC -d -> retrieves list of ideas with comments from the trader

Additional note: usernames are case sensitive. For example: XyPhErIaN is different than Xypherian!

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/ideas [TradingViewTicker]/ideas [Type]* [TradingViewTicker] [Amount]* [PictureFilter]* [ProTraderFilter]*
Example/ideas BTCUSDT/ideas symbol BTCUSDT 5 -p -pro

[Free] Longs VS Shorts: /lvs

Xypherian can retrieve a short but insightful summary of the balance between longs and shorts in Bitfinex. A red emoji indicates that the shorts are bigger than the longs, while a green emoji indicates the opposite.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/lvs/ideas lvs full
This indicator compares the amount of the currency on each side. Lets explore the following scenario:
22000 BTC -> Long (There are 22k Bitcoins on longs)
35000 BTC -> Short (There are 35k Bitcoins in shorts)
Longs = 39%
Shorts = 61%

There are clearly more bitcoins stacked on shorts than in longs. Note that this doesn't refer to how much bitcoin has been sold/bought, but to how much bitcoin was put on margin in Bitfinex.

[Free] CrossFire plugin: /arb

Xypherian can perform arbitrage over 15 exchanges and all their base markets, just like in CrossFire. If you don't specify a base market, the BTC base market will be checked.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/arb [Coin]/arb [Base]* [Coin]
Example/arb ETH/arb USDT ETH 
Xypherian will answer you the lowest ask, the highest bid, and their corresponding exchanges; along with a sorted list of the top three best offers. If you need to check the codes of the exchanges, simply write /codes and Xypherian will return an updated list with the codes and their corresponding exchanges.

[Premium] Multiframe Candlestick Charts: /mc

Xypherian can return candlestick charts of 4 different timeframes at the same time. This function follows the same format as /c.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/mc [Coin]/mc [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]*
Example/mc BTC/mc USDT BTC Bittrex

If everything goes right, you will get charts of 5M, 30M, 4H, and 1D, 140 periods each. 

[Premium] Market depth charts: /d

Xypherian can generate live charts of the orderbook, just like in the exchange. For this, use the command /d. This supports the main exchanges.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/d [Coin]/d [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]*
Example/d LTC/d USDT LTC Binance

[Premium] Orderbook analysis: /book

Xypherian can analyze the current buy/sell pressure of the orderbooks with the command /book. This analysis will return which side of the orderbook is stronger (buyers vs sellers) and by what amount.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/book [Coin]/book [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]*
Example/book LTC/book USDT LTC Binance

[Premium] Order history analysis: /a

Xypherian keeps a log of every transaction that goes through the supported exchanges. You can view a meticulous analysis of this data using /a. You can specify base market, coin, exchange, and time (in minutes). This analysis has a limit of 100,000 orders and 12 hours. This limit will be increased in the future.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/a [Coin]/a [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]* [Minutes]*
Example/a LTC/a USDT LTC Binance 10

[Premium] Biggest orders summary: /whales

Xypherian can retrieve the biggest orders on any market pair from the supported exchanges. The data retrieved is ordered by amount. A green emoji indicates a buy order while a red emoji indicates a sell order. This data goes back up to 12 hours.

Format: /whales [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]* [Minutes] *

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/whales [Coin]/whales [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]* [Minutes]*
Example/whales LTC/whales USDT LTC Binance 10

[Premium] Volume & Price movements analysis: /m

Xypherian can calculate for you how much an asset has changed in price relatively to a few minutes or hours ago. A green emoji indicates the price/volume have gone up while a red emoji indicates it has gone down. A white emoji means it didn't move. This command accepts custom bases, exchanges and time.

-Basic UsageAdvanced Usage
Template/m [Coin]/m [Base]* [Coin] [Exchange]* [Minutes]*
Example/m LTC/m USDT LTC Binance 10

[Premium] Lists and summaries: /top

Xypherian can retrieve a different set of lists and summaries important to the crypto sphere. There are 4 types of list you can retrieve.

/top gainers
Retrieves the highest gainers in the last hour, day, and week.

/top losers
Retrieves the highest losers in the last hour, day, and week.

/top cap
Retrieves the top ten coins by market cap.

/top rsi Retrieves top 10 most overbought and oversold coins on supported exchanges. This function has advanced filters.

/top whales * -> Retrieves top 10 market orders on exchanges. This function has advanced filters.

Advanced filters

/top rsi [TimeFrame] [BaseMarket]
By default, this function retrieves coins without taking into base market. You can limit this by adding the base market anywhere in the command.
/top rsi BTC -> retrieves coins in the BTC markets
/top RSI USDT -> retrieves coins the USDT markets

By default, the 30 minutes timeframe is retrieved. You can customize the timeframe by adding it anywhere in the command. I support the following timeframes
/top rsi 5m
/top rsi 30m
/top rsi 4h
/top rsi 1d


/top whales [Base] [Exchange]
By default, this function retrieves the BTC market orders. You can customize by adding the base market anywhere in the command. You can also customize the exchange, default is set to Binance.

/top whales BTC Bittrex -> retrieves biggest orders on the BTC market in Bittrex
/top whales USDT -> retrieves biggest orders on the USDT market in the default exchange
/top whales ETH Bittrex-> biggest orders on the ETH market in Bittrex

Tryout Xypherian today

Xypherian gets new commands frequently, make sure to always query /commands and /help in case you forget how to use a function. As well, subscribe to our Announcements channel and our Crypto Talk Room, where you can find the latests news and gossip.

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