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Tutorial: How to link your Xypher account with Telegram

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By Charlie on Tutorials -

Benefits of linking your Xypher account with Telegram

Upon linking your Telegram account with Xypher, you will be able to receive instant notifications from Whale Sniper and Wall Monitor. You can also opt to receive announcements and news from the Xypher Team. Here are the steps to link your Telegram account with Xypher.

Step 1
Sign up or  login into your Xypher account.

Step 2
Go to your settings page. You can find the link on the sidebar. On the account section, click on the 'Click here to link your Telegram account' button. This will redirect you to our Telegram bot Xypherian. You need to click the URL provided to link it, even if you have started the bot before.

Step 4
Once you are on Telegram, click on "Start bot".

If everything went smoothly, you should see a message from Xypherian that looks like this:

That's it! If for some reason the linking process didn't work, don't hesitate to ask us on our Telegram support chat or by opening a ticket!

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