Frequent asked questions

Xypher is crypto trading platform. Our aim with this project and company is to introduce you to tools, methods, and bots to increase profits on the crypto markets while reducing research time and risks.

We offer a freemium service (some free, some paid). We feel its important to always give back to the cryptocurrency community. For this reason, we have deployed a series of free Telegram channels where a lot of valuable data can be found. You can access them on our Telegram Channels page.

To check what our premium services offer, please check out our product pages

Yes. While some of our products like Volume Scanner, Arbitrage Scanner or Crypto Screener don't require a Telegram account, the others do. Telegram has shown great reliability while displaying a great effort to keep user's privacy safe. Telegram is a free app available on desktop computers, web browsers, and mobile apps. You can download it here.

Each of our tools is designed to exploit potential profitable strategies using different trading methods. To learn about how to make the most out of our products, please check our product pages and our tutorials.

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