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A granular market action screener.

Binance & Bittrex
Sorting by amount bought, sold, or total
Lightning fast
Min Vol*
Max Vol*

*Disabled in demo
Ticker Bought Sold Total Traded Diff Total % 24H V 24H Vol

Get notified of unusual activity.

Full Binance, BitMEX and Bittrex integration
Main market integration for IDEX & Kucoin.
Signal delivery priority
Filter signals by exchanges, volume, amount traded or base market.
Get more insights like technical analysis, news or events on the signals.
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Your personal trading assistant.

Get multi-timeframe candlestick charts
Multi-timeframe technical analysis. Get technical analysis indicators from 4 different timeframes at once
Granular order analysis. Get to know how much was bought and sold on a specific timeframe.
Volume & Price change over small and long periods
... & more commands
Whale Sniper Telegram

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Xypherian 15 commands 21 commands
Whale Sniper IDEX
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Whale Sniper Signal Filters
Whale Sniper Signal History
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