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Xypher Pro

Never miss important market action again. Our tools are designed to spot the most important movements in the market, all from a highly competitive price.

Whale Sniper
Get notified when unusual volume is detected on exchanges
Xypher Screeners
Navigate through all the markets at once using technical indicators and other metrics

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Crypto Screener

Analyze all the market at once with technical or statistical indicators

Arbitrage Screener

Explore arbitrage opportunities across multiple markets and exchanges

Chart Screener

Scan dozens of charts at once and find profitable trading patterns.

Liquidation Screener

Explore the rekt plebs who got their positions liquidated on derivatives exhanges.

Xypherian Bot

On demand data about the cryptocurrency market on the go.
Coming Soon

Xypher Watchlists

Add coins to your favorites and use them across any tool on Xypher.
Coming Soon

Social Screener

Monitor social buzz across several social networks.
Coming Soon

Chain Sniper

Get notified when unusual volume is spotted on the blockchain. Monitor trades before they even happen!
Coming Soon

DeFi Sniper

Get notified when unusual volume activity is spotted on DeFi exchanges