DeFi Alerts

Get notified when an Ethereum wallet makes important movements
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How DeFi Alerts Works

You add addresses
Personal, whales or smart money, whatever you want
We monitor the chain
To find whenever your addresses get involved in transactions
And if we find it...
We will let you know instantly!

Human friendly Ethereum transactions

We will let you know exactly what happened in human language,
you won't be scrambling around anymore

DeFi Alerts Full Feature Comparison

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Telegram account delivery
Ethereum Mainnet alerts
Smart Decoding
Global Alerts
Telegram Channel delivery
Telegram Chat delivery
Discord Channel delivery
HTTP delivery
Traceable Address 1 Up to 1000
Alerts per month 100 Up to 100,000
Binance Smart Chain alerts Coming Soon
Arbitrum alerts Coming Soon
Optimism alerts Coming Soon
Polygon Network alerts Coming Soon
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