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A clean interface to find tradeable opportunities using your favorite technical indicators and statistical numbers

Powerful trading data within your fingertips
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Multi-timeframe Chart Scanner

Eliminate manual search of chart patterns. Scan hundreds of charts at once. Find tradeable chart patterns in the most popular timeframes.

A granular market action screener.

We save every order that goes through exchanges and calculate how much was bought and sold in the past minutes
Supports Binance & Bittrex
Sorting by amount bought, sold, or total
Bitcoin Pairs Only
Min Vol*
Max Vol*

*Disabled in demo
Ticker Bought Sold Total Traded Diff Total % 24H V 24H Vol

The most complete Crypto Arbitrage Screener
Completely free!

The biggest list of arbitrage trading opportunities. Quickly search by base markets, exchanges, profit percentage, or tickers.

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Chart Screener Binance
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