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Xypherian is integrated with CrossFire to deliver powerful arbitrage via Telegram

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Xypherian is integrated with CoinMarketCal, CryptoPanic, and CoinCheckUP to deliver the best data

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Multi charting, orderflow analysis, summaries, signals, and more awesome commands are waiting for you!
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Price checking Yes Yes
Basic candlestick charts Yes Yes
Technical analysis Yes Yes
CryptoPanic Plugin Yes Yes
Longs VS Shorts Yes Yes
CoinMarketCal Plugin Yes Yes
CoinCheckUP Plugin Yes Yes
TradingView Plugin Yes Yes
CrossFire Plugin Yes Yes
Multi candlestick charts - Yes
Market depth charts - Yes
Orderbook analysis - Yes
Order history analysis - Yes
Biggest orders analysis - Yes
Volume/Price change analysis - Yes
Summaries - Yes
Signals from Wall Monitor, Whale Sniper and Coin Sniper - Yes
Exclusive access to new features - Complete
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