Your personal trading assistant Xypherian

Powerful Telegram bot

CrossFire plugin

Xypherian is integrated with CrossFire to deliver powerful arbitrage via Telegram.

CoinSniper plugin

A direct integration with CoinSniper allows traders to get the best trading opportunities from CoinSniper anytime.

Technical analysis

Get the most popular technical indicators for your favorite coin in seconds.


You don't need to open the exchange anymore. Get charts directly from your phone.

Price checking

Stay up to date with the latest market prices.

Xypher's Frontend

Get direct signals from Whale Sniper and CoinSniper on Xypherian.

Awesome insights

Take orderflow analysis to the next level.

Trade with your friends

Add Xypherian to group chats and enjoy its powerful functions with your friends.

Enjoy the benefits of Xypherian Premium

Free Premium
Price checking Yes Yes
Basic candlestick charts Yes Yes
Advanced candlestick charts - Yes
Market depth charts - Yes
Orderbook analysis - Yes
Order history analysis - Yes
Technical analysis - Yes
CrossFire integration - Yes
CoinSniper integration - Yes
Signals from Wall Monitor, Whale Sniper and Coin Sniper - Yes
Exclusive access to new features - Complete
From $20.83/m *
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*When purchased annually

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